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AS-Interface module in M18 stainless steel head ferrule
1 input/3 outputsfa
G2 flat module
2 inputs (PNP) and 2 electronic outputsfa
G12 flat module
4 electronic outputs (PNP)fa
G2 flat module
4 inputs (PNP)fa
G4 module IP67
4 inputs (PNP)fa
Pneumatic module
4 inputs/2 pneumatic outputsfa
Pneumatic module
4 inputs/2 pneumatic outputsfa
G5 Ex module
4 inputs/2 valve outputsfa
Circuit board module
4 inputs/4 outputsfa
Printed circuit board module encapsulated in housing for expansion to 8 inputs/8 outputsfa
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AS-Interface Switch Cabinet Module KE5 – Simple Handling and Improved Manageability

The unique housing design of the new KE5 switch cabinet module enables distinct visibility and simplifies mounting, wiring, and maintenance inside switch cabinets and junction boxes.

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